Thursday, April 26, 2012

Endless Possibilities

I (Jelena aka Poppyseed) consider myself thrifter extraordinaire. It is really the thrill of the find that keeps me going. I see something, inspect and evaluate it, quickly develop a revamp strategy in my head, scoop it up and allow my imagination to transform it into something fresh and new. Luckily, I don't have a problem parting with my creations, as otherwise I could easily be classified as a hoarder. That of course is a general statement, but this little sewing chest really captured my heart and soul. Unfortunately I didn't take proper before picture and only have this one to share.


To quickly give you an idea of the state of the piece I will describe it as bland, boring and somewhat rickety, but nothing that my screw driver, paint rollers and brushes could not change.
I am not a sewer in general, so to use it as a sewing kit storage would be a waste of a resource for me. Instead I decided to put it in my bathroom and make it into a new home for my nail polishes, creams and other random stuff that crams the medicine cabinet. Since it sits on casters, it will be fun rolling it into other rooms or wherever I decide that the "beautification" process should take place.

That is only one of the possibilities, it could also serve as a fabulous jewelry box.
If my bed was any closer to the ground, it would function as a miniature night stand, as this is one of the things I am in desperate need of, but due to space constraints I still live without one.
You will likely be able to see it first hand at one of the craft shows that Freedom will be attending this year where it will serve as one of the display props.
It just crossed my mind that it would also make a great accessory to your coffee table. At this point you are probably wondering how. If you are like me and dealing with 1001 remote controls you can easily shove them inside the cabinet, or bring it closer to the couch when you are nicely nested in the pillows and rest your wonderful choice of beverage on it.

If I was a tea aficionado, I would use it on the kitchen counter (sans the wheels of course) and display all the wonderful tea selection as well as tea making accessories.
So there you have it. The title says endless possibilities and I have listed a few. If you have an idea of an alternative use potential for this thing, please do email or comment on this post. We would love to know what your thoughts are on this.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings

By following our blog and other online activities you surely know that we are big on the sustainability factor in everything we do - from the way we live, to the way we run and promote our business. We are constantly on the lookout for new upcycled products and stories of people who make them.
(For all of you who are unsure of the meaning behind term upcycling here is the definition as per Wikipedia: Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.) You have probably already seen the Freedom Reconstructed upcycled line of products that Freedom has recently launched as our house brand. Under the Reconstructed label we are currently offering mini wallets and make-up pouches made from leftover fabric from other projects, clocks made from unwanted plates and chalkboards nested into vintage picture frames.

Just recently we have introduced refurbished lamps into our portfolio. To maximize on the green factor, we are reusing as much of the original hardware as possible, but for safety reasons, we outfit each and every one of them with a brand new electric cord.

Our pillows are made from sample fabric swatches like the ones you would find in upholstery shops. And the little dresser is actually a jewelry box that we are hoping to bring in more of those. And (below) these awesome hangers came about by pairing a beautiful piece of wood with some random drawer pulls that were left over from some past projects.

In case you are not into sewing and drilling and would much rather celebrate the Earth in an alternative way, how about by doing some gardening. We are now also selling organic seeds by Cubit's Organic Living. If you check their website, you will see that Laura is also sharing a ton of tips on growing and caring for vegetable plants and is also posting cooking recipes to offer some incentives for the patient growers.
Our friend Kate from Kate Made This  is showing her love for Mother Earth with a giant crochet hook. If you read her story you will learn that she repurposes old sheets and makes them into these soft, colourful and cozy one of a kind area rugs.
If you haven't heard, Ecoholic Body, third book by Adria Vasil  launched just in time for Earth Day and you have a chance to win a copy here.

Adria is the author of two other books, Ecoholic  and Ecoholic home. In her books she provides you with insights and tips on how to live the most environmentally sustainable life.

For ever more tips on green and eco living check out this webiste and learn about adopting new habits that will make a positive impact on the environment.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Green Living Show 2012

One more week till the Green Living show
Jelena and I have been hard at work making some really cute up-cycled pieces especially for this show. The wonderful thing about the Green Living show is that you can get free admission by saving garbage from the landfill. Just bring old electronic waste to be recycled... so easy!

Some of our fantastic designers will be showcased, like: 
Rae Designs - recycled felt necklace below

The Woodlot - products made from naturally fallen trees, Priya - mostly organic all natural body products, Textile Platypus - hand felted and dyed mini toy marvels, and Maggie an assortment of goods from recycled glass and china!